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CFIE 2017 - Shanghai International Condiments and Food Ingredients Exhibition 2017


CFIE 2017

Shanghai International Condiments and Food Ingredients Exhibition 2017

CFIE - Shanghai International Condiments and Food Ingredients Exhibition 2017, as a grand platform for condiments & food ingredients, is to be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC),China  during 19 - 21 August 2017.
Co-located with Shanghai International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition and Shanghai International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition, the 3 events will promote more trade linkage among the industries.
It will not only meet the requirement of one-stop purchasing by catering, hotels, supermarkets and e-commerce but will also expand the business channels of condiment suppliers thus enhancing the links among the industries.


Exhibits Profile
Condiments:soy sauce, vinegar, seasoning salt, ajinomoto, chicken essence, seasoning oil, sesame oil, spices, sauces, compound seasoning (sauce), oyster sauce, fish sauce, hot pot sauce, pickles, cooking wine, savory flavors, fragrances, and etc.
Western Food Condiments:cheese, western food sauce, olive oil, western pickled vegetables, peanut butter, ketchup, salad cream.
Food Ingredients: starch, starch sugar, edible grease and substitutes, flour, yeast products, vegetable protein, dietary fiber, soybean products, cocoa products.
Food Additives: sweetening agent, flavoring agent, coloring, thickening material, antiputrefactiva, emulsifier, stabilizer, humectants, edible flavor and fragrance.
Related processing and packing equipment and materials.


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Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Services Co., LTD, founded in 2001, is a national professional exhibition and conference organization, with a high quality and professional talented team. Based in Shanghai, we have more than 10 branches home and abroad.

Shanghai Gehua always adheres to “Professional Characteristic” exhibition orientation & "Diligence Concentration Sincerity" service attitude. With highly professional spirit, we establish long-term cooperation relationship with the related government departments, industry associations and organizations, media agencies and other partners and hold many approbatory and popular exhibitions. Every year Shanghai Gehua sponsor and undertake series of exhibitions including five subjects, Textile and Clothing, Auto Parts & Accessories, Mechanical Equipment, Gifts, and Food etc.. Some of them, such as Textile & Fabrics Expo, Fashion Production (OEM) Expo, Hosiery Purchasing Expo, Textile Machinery Expo, Auto Supplies Sourcing Expo, Automobile Air-conditioning Show, Fishery Expo, have become the grand industry events, and attract vast numbers of professional buyers at home and abroad.
Shanghai Gehua follow exhibition industry development trend. We continuously inject new interactive elements into our exhibition, supporting and enhancing the actual encounter of the buyer with products and suppliers on the fair grounds and beyond. Through the integration of resources, construction industry platform, we do our best to provide better professional and personalized service for both domestic and overseas customers and earn extensive trust.
With the goal of self-transcendence, Gehua People always hold proactive and professional spirit and promote the growth of the enterprise constantly. Because of Gehua profession, we totally believe that we can make you gain more effects, more businesses, and more values.

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