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DME 2017 - 2017 The 5th Shanghai Int'l Digital Medical Treatment and Intelligent Equipment Exhibition & Summit


DME 2017

2017 The 5th Shanghai International

Digital Medical Treatment and Intelligent Equipment Exhibition & Summit

DME 2017 - 2017 The 5th Shanghai International Digital Medical Treatment and Intelligent Equipment Exhibition & Summit will be staged on August 19-21, 2017 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, China.

With the rapid development of digital medicine and 3d printing technology in China, the combination of digital medicine and clinical medicine has been more widely used in disease diagnosis, treatment, testing and preoperative planning, and gradually moves towards the personalized implants, the design and construction of 3d printing cells and tissues organs. The advantage of its quickness, accuracy, designability and characteristics of making complex shape into entity makes it has a broad application prospect in the medical field

Shanghai International Digital Medical Treatment and Intelligent Equipment Exhibition & Summit (DME) aims to providing a favorable platform between technology exchange and supply-demand cooperation, actively promote the industrialization of digital medical application technology, and promote the wide application of 3d printing and intelligence technology in digital medicine and other fields.

1. Innovative 3D printing application, together with industry cutting-edge technology;
2. Win national well-known hospitals’ support, Display infinite charm of the digital medical application
3. Display the equipment with consumables
    Fulfill One-stop purchasing needs
4. Internationalization operation
     Close to the domestic and overseas market
5. District governments’in-depth cooperation
    Seamless link between enterprise and government


Exhibition range
3D Printing Digital Medical Exhibition Area
1. 3D printer
Industrial, desktop 3d printers and other 3d printing manufacturing equipment (rapid prototyping machines, rapid manufacturing equipment);

3D printer accessories;

2. 3D scanning and software
3D scanner, 3D laser engraving machine, laser plate-making, laser equipment, 3D measuring instrument, three coordinate measuring machine/instrument, laser tracker, 3D camera, 3D laser machine;

3D design system, motion capture system, three-dimensional photographic measuring system, CNC system;

Inspection and reverse engineering software, 3d software, 3d design software popularization and printing software, etc.

3. 3D printing materials and technology
Photosensitive resin, plastic powder material (nylon, nylon bo qian, nylon, carbon fiber, nylon powder, Peek materials), metal, etc;

Powder materials (such as steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and CoCrMo alloy, iron, nickel alloy) etc.

3D printing, other rapid prototyping technology, reverse engineering, surface treatment, etc.

4. 3D printing services
3D printing, rapid prototyping, hand making, as well as other rapid prototyping and reverse engineering services;

3D scanning and measurement, investment and financing services.

Digital Medical Equipment Exhibition Area
1. Digital image information system (PACS), CT, magnetic resonance imaging, digital radiography, digital Doppler ultrasound instrument, B ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, ECG monitoring, dynamic ECG, multi-parameter monitor, digital laboratory equipment, medical accelerator, etc.;
2. Medical robot, medical robot integrated application, parts and related software;
3. Medical teaching, operation simulation model of the design;
4.Personalized  bone plate, bone restoration and artificial joint design, Personalized orthopedic surgery prostheses modeling, manufacture and standardized service.


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