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IRAE 2018 - The 4th Guangzhou International Robot and Industrial Automation Expo 2018

  • VENUE: Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre (ISC)
    Location & Details of Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre (ISC)
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.8 Pazhou Avenue East, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China
  • ORGANIZER: First-class Exhibitions (FCE)
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-20-8922 0050 / 0105
  • Fax: +86-20-8922 0585
  • CITY:Guangzhou
  • INDUSTRY:Automotive & Auto Parts
  •  Industrial Automation
  •  Technologies
  • DATE: 2018/04/13 - 2018/04/15 Expired!


IRAE 2018

The 4th Guangzhou International

Robot and Industrial Automation Expo 2018

IRAE 2018 - The 4th Guangzhou International Robot and Industrial Automation Expo 2018 will be staged on April 13-15, 2018 at Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre (ISC), China.

The 4th Guangzhou International Robot and Industrial Automation Expo 2018 (IRAE 2018) will attract a large number of import and export traders, agents and distributors of Robot take part in the show; As well as authoritative experts in China and foreign Robot industry will be invited, who will discuss the latest dynamics, trends, division of labor, related countermeasures and many other hot topics about Chinese and foreign Robot industry


Target audience
■ Automobile manufacturing
■ motorcycle manufacturing
■ equipment manufacturing
■ machinery manufacturing
■ military industry
■ ships
■ IT information
■ petrochemical industry
■ minerals
■ opto-electronics
■ energy
■ household electric appliance manufacturing
■ fodder
■ food
■ cement
■ chemical fertilizer
■ medical rehabilitation
■ environmental protection and energy saving
■ mould manufacturing
■ hardware and M&E
■ metal processing
■ material processing
■ instruments
■ aerospace industry
■ roads and bridges
■ high-speed rails and light rails
■ logistics
■ import & export trade
■ machinery (M&E) automation design institutes
■ purchasing and technical departments of large enterprises and groups
■ etc


Exhibits scope
Industry Robots

◆ Industry Robots body: Multi degree of freedom robots, Parallel robots, Coordinate robots, Truss manipulator, Power-assisted manipulator;

◆ Application of the industrial robot products and solutions (special plane and Application Integration ): for welding, coating, rubberizing, stacking, transporting, assembling, measuring, sorting, packaging and other applications in the field of industrial robot products and solutions; for automobile, electron, food, pharmaceutical, logistics, ceramics, glass, mould plastic, hardware, tile, casting, chemical, textile, leather, aerospace, machine tool industry solutions.

◆ Industrial robot development platform and software technology: Operating system, development platform, simulation technology, testing technology and equipment, application software
◆ Industrial robot components and spare parts: Servo-drive system, controller, demonstrator, motor, reducer, sensors, machine vision systems, embedded system, robot claw, special tools and clamps.
◆ AGV, rail bound car

Service Robots
◆ Education service robot, household service robot, entertainment robot, underwater robot, military security robot, medical robot, environmental cleaning robot, bionic robot

Industrial Automation
Programmable Logic Controller, Numerical Control System; Frequency control and servo control; Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing; Communications network and Field bus Control System; Drive Systems and Components; Nonstandard automatic assembling equipment; Electrical Components and Peripheral; Valve, manual/electric/pneumatic actuators; Induction technology (sensor); Wireless Technology & Industry Ethernet; Motion Control System; Industrial power/appliance switch; Interface Technology (Connector); Industrial Personal Computer; Embedded Technology; Automation Software; Integrated system; Machine Vision; Automatic sizing device; Hydraulic & pneumatic component; Human-machine interface; Motors; Servo-control system;Automation & Instrumentation.


Name: First-class Exhibitions (FCE)
Address: No.8, Pazhou Ave., Xingang Rd (W), Haizhu District, Guangzhou
Tel: +86-20-2837 8188 / 8189
Fax: +86-20-2837 8181
Official Website: Click to Visit

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