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CISP Shanghai 2018 - China (Shanghai) International Sealing Products and Technology Exhibition 2018


CISP Shanghai 2018

China (Shanghai) International

Sealing Products and Technology Exhibition 2018

CISP Shanghai 2018 - China (Shanghai) International Sealing Products and Technology Exhibition 2018 will be staged on Aug.23-25, 2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.

China (Shanghai) International Sealing Products and Technology Exhibition 2018 (CISP Shanghai 2018) will gather more than 300 exhibitors from more than 10 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan and South korea, showcasing the latest products, applications and technical achievements of the sealing industry.

During CISP Shanghai 2018, the decision makers of the company will discuss the use and development of sealed products, and exchange of international applied technology, enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry, to promote and improve the application and manufacturing level of sealing products in china.


Audience invitation
Audience comes from Petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, coal chemical industry, energy, natural gas, LNG, coal oil, petroleum refining, metallurgy, steel, mining, automotive, military, aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry, space division, shipbuilding, nuclear power, thermal power, hydropower, wind power, city water supply, gas supply, heat and corrosion resistance seawater desalination and environmental protection equipment, waste gas treatment, water treatment, air pollution control, sewage treatment, machinery, light industry, heat, fire, medical, biological medicine, papermaking, water heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, industrial systems, major equipment manufacturing industry、Purchasing, technology, engineering and related personnel of heavy machinery and equipment supporting industry. 


Exhibits Scope
◆ Seals

Dry gas seal、Hydraulic seal、Pneumatic seal、Power transmission seal、Rotary seal、Magnetic fluid seal、Floating oil seal、Mechanical seal、Skeleton oil seal、Fluid seal、Compressor seal、Chemical seal、Electric seal、Locomotive sealed、Pump seal、pump (valve) pipe seal、ceramic seal、 bellows seal、Piston seal and spring seal etc.
◆sealing material
Packing、metal winding gasket、non asbestos gasket、asbestos gasket、dentiform gasket、graphite composite cushion、cushion、cushion、elliptic cone wave pad、flexible graphite sheet、graphite sheet、graphite gasket、 asbestos cloth、asbestos rope、oil resistant plate、pipe、bar、 filled PTFE sheet、non asbestos rubber sheet asbestos rubber plate、High strength graphite plate and other sealing materials
◆Sealed production of raw materials
Graphite、rubber、nitrile、fluorine rubber、silicone、resin plastic、POM, oil-resistant plastic、PVC and other sealing raw materials
◆Sealing processing equipment
Seal test/measuring equipment、A special production device for sealing、Rotary seal (rotary shaft seal)Sealing device and auxiliary equipment。


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