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CHSAF 2018 - 2018 China (Guangzhou) Small Home Appliances and Kitchen Appliances Fair


CHSAF 2018

2018 China (Guangzhou) Small Home Appliances and Kitchen Appliances Fair

CHSAF 2018 - 2018 China (Guangzhou) Small Home Appliances and Kitchen Appliances Fair will take place on April 15-17, 2018 at Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre (ISC), China.

CHSAF 2018 - 2018 China (Guangzhou) Small Home Appliances and Kitchen Appliances Fair will be held during the same period with Spring Canton Fair. The two fairs will share 300,000 international businessmen. Besides, the exhibitors will be able to contact with foreign businessmen sufficiently, so that they can develop foreign trade channels, thus increasing their export volume.

During CHSAF 2018, 2018 Forum of Smart Home Appliances will attract the experts and senior executives in the small home appliances and kitchen appliances industry will focus on discussing the dilemma faced by the market and the future development trend of the market. They will express their targeted opinions on the four industrial difficulties, including “many kinds of products are seriously homogeneous and are more expensive than ‘their real value’; 


Target Visitors
1. Traders, agents, dealers, wholesalers, retailers.
2. Department stores, supermarkets, chain stores, home furnishings, hotels and restaurants.
3. Online shopping mall and network distribution.
4. Product designers and end-consumers.
Overseas traders, distributors, overseas shopping malls.
6. Merchants of Canton fair, electronic exhibition and other related exhibitions.
7. Overseas appliance manufacturers, dealers, etc.
8. Domestic and overseas business associations.
9. Upstream and downstream enterprises and units of the appliance industry chain.


Name: Guangzhou HuaXin Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Address: Guangzhou City, Tianhe District Zhongshan Road No. 1023 Feng Shi trade building 4 Building 8416-8417 room
Tel: +86-20-3209 5791
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Guangzhou huaxin exhibition co., LTD. Is an organization dedicated to holding professional exhibitions, conferences and product promotion meetings. The team has rich experience and strong strength. The company is involved in the exhibition of electrical appliances, furniture and maternal and infant products; Food, beverage exhibition and other fields. The home appliance accessories exhibition has become the leading professional exhibition in China, attracting a large number of exhibitors and buyers from home and abroad to exchange business negotiations and purchasing. Company based on the characteristics of all kinds of exhibition, professional exhibition activities, exhibition, audience, businesses, products organic together, realize effective exhibition, an exhibition, many benefits; At the same time, huaxin exhibition, through publishing industry newsletter and building industry website, extends the exhibition form to media publishing and Internet service and other fields to build the industry media level.

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