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    Name: Foshan China Ceramics City Development Ltd.
    Address: No.2, Jiang wan Three Road, Chan cheng District, Fo shan, Guang dong, China
    Tel: +86-757-8278 7980 / 8227 1066
    Fax: +86-757-8271 9328 / 8252 5996
    Official Website:  Click to Visit

    Located in Foshan, the ceramic capital and trade center of China, Foshan China Ceramics City Development Ltd. was established on August 23, 2001, and it’s a joint venture enterprise invested by Dongpeng Ceramic Co., Ltd and Foshan Xingxing Group Co., Ltd, specializing in real estate development, pottery management, business management, assets management, advertising management, exhibition service and E-commerce.

    Foshan China Ceramics City Development Ltd. is dedicated to creating an integrated service platform of home culture with ceramic as the core business, and its projects are successively regarded as the “Export Base of China Building Ceramics and Sanitary Ware”, “National Credible Marketplace” and “Guangdong International Procurement Center of Building Ceramics and Sanitary Ware”.

    It has five projects including China Ceramics City, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters, CCBD, Tonsun Home Plaza and China (ZiBo) Ceramics Industry Headquarters. Meanwhile, more new projects are under active development.

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