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    Name: Beijing Municipal of Tourism Development
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    Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development is an important division of Beijing’s Municipal Government. Its major responsibilities lie in planning and promoting the growth of the tourism industry in Beijing and in formulating and executing policies that foster and accelerate the growth of tourism into the city.

    In recent years, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development seized the opportunity, during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, to promote Beijing’s travel and tourism industry by developing a series of well themed events. The events that were organized, such as the Beijing International Tourism Expo, Beijing’s International Cultural Tourism Festival were all well-received throughout the city. These events also unveiled the notion that the exoticism of Beijing fascinates the world, a phenomenon that continues to accelerate the tourism market here in Beijing. Such annual events have effectively enhanced the popularity of Beijing.

    Meanwhile,the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development is working vigorously and effectively to improve both the quality and the overall service of the tourism industry in an effort to create a more favorable environment for visitors entering the city from all over the world. We hope you enjoy your time here in the city. With effective preparation, we hope to bring you the best that this city has to offer and to introduce to you to the most attractive monuments and unforgettable scenes around the city.

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