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China Ceramics City (CCC)

  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.2 Jiangwan 3rd Rd, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China

  • PHONE: 86-757-8278 0618; 86-757-8266 3296
  • FAX:86-757-8252 5996

    China Ceramics City (CCC) is located in Foshan, Guangdong  Province. It opened on Oct. 18, 2002 and covers 130,000 square  meters. The main building is a five-storey complex, covering an  area of 53,000 square meters. China Ceramics City is an  integrative market place assembled with ceramic and sanitaryware  trade, exhibition and business services. There are over 200 famous  Chinese or foreign brands of building ceramic and sanitaryware in  CCC, which represent the supreme level of the industry in China.

    During eight years of operation, relying on Foshan, the biggest  production base of building ceramic and sanitaryware, China  Ceramics City has been a famous international ceramic and  sanitaryware exportation platform and was awarded ‘the Unique  Export Base of Building Ceramic and Sanitaryware in China’ by  the China Building Ceramic and Sanitaryware Association. Our  orientation is to build a high-end business information platform  with world famous brands and provide high-end brands,  characteristic products, good quality and excellent services to  buyers.
    From the beginning, China Ceramics City has always been the  pioneer in this industry. Since 2002, China Ceramics City has held  the China International Ceramic & Sanitaryware Fair Foshan twice  a year, which has become the most prestigious and influential  exhibition for export in China. In June, 2003, we held the  Shopping Festival. In July, 2003, we dispatched designer VIP  cards, associated with the furniture market to launch the weekend  home decoration event. In addition, we have held the International  Architectural Design and Ceramics Conference once a year since  2002, which has built a communication bridge between the  ceramic industry and distributors and has provided them an  information platform. Now, this conference has become a famous  annual meeting in the ceramic industry. In 2007, China Ceramics  City started the 1st U.S. China Ceramic Tile Trade Mission which  gave a new start to the ceramic trade between the U.S and China,  and is now gradually expanding to North America-China Ceramic  Trade Mission. In 2008, China Ceramics City became one of the  first Credited Demonstration Markets of Guangdong Province. In  2009, China Ceramics City cooperated with China Construction  and Decoration Association and held the 7th Top 100 China  Construction and Decoration Enterprises Summit, which built a  purchasing cooperation platform for public decoration enterprises  and ceramic, sanitaryware manufacturers.
    China Ceramics City is now on the way and developing fast,  becoming more and more mature. We would like to cooperate  with more organizations at home and abroad, and boost the  development of ceramic industry in China.

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