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Wenzhou International Hotel

  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • VENUE ADDRESS: 1 Renmin Middle Road, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang China

  • PHONE: +8657788251111 ext. 876


    Wenzhou International Hotel


    Where is Wenzhou?

    Wenzhou is located at the middle section of the circum-Pacific 18,000-kilometer-long west coast of China, intersecting the two economic zones of the Yangtze River and the Pearl River Deltas. It is the economic, cultural and transport center of south Zhejiang Province.

    Wenzhou's history
    Wenzhou was once a famous town of the Eastern Ou(the eastern part of the Oujiang River valley) with a brilliant cultural history. In 192 BC it was the capital of the Kingdom of the Eastern Ou and AD 323 it became Yongjia Prefecture. It was also called the City of White Deer, for, as legend has it, when the city was being built a white deer passed by it holding a flower in its mouth. In AD 675 it began to be called Wenzhou, its name to this day. Historically, Wenzhou has been a city renowned fot its handicrafts and also as one of the birthplaces of celadon. Wenzhou's papermaking, shipbuilding, silk, embroidery, lacquerwork, as well as its shoes and leather products, achieved a fairly eminent position in the history of China. During the period of the Southern Song Dynasty, it was opened up as a foreign trade port, enjoying a reputation as p prosperous coastal city comparable to Hangzhou. Wenzhou is the hometown of Nanxi Opera or the Southern Opera. The Tale of the Pipa, written by the famous Wenzhou playwright Gao Ming in the mid-fourteenth century, has been translated into a number of foreign languages and achieved worldwide renown. Wenzhou has given birth to many outstanding prople and great scholars. Among the most famous were the philosophers of the Yongjia School as represented by Ye Shi, and the poets of the River and Lake School as represented by Yongjia's four distinguished poets during the Southern Song Dynasty, as well as Sun Yirang, Xia Nai, Xia Chengtao, Su Buqing and others of the modern era, all of whom have exerted significant influence in the history of Chinese thought, literature and science.


    Being the first recognized four-star foreign business hotel in Wenzhou, the Wenzhou International Hotel is located in the prosperous Renmin Road, right in the city’s financial and commercial heartland. It is a 26 storey modern building with well-equipped and spacious guest rooms designed for business and leisure travelers. The classic dainties, brand gallery, sauna center, hairdressing center, business center, travel agency and ticket office, etc. are all the excellent facilities supported by an experienced team.

    We offer you the amenity and charm of an international metropolitan life style.



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