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CR 2012 - 2012 China Cleanroom Show


2012 China Cleanroom Show 

CR 2012

2012 China Cleanroom Show (CR Show 2012) will take place on Oct.23-25 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention CenterAfter 14 years of careful cultivation, taking footprints in major cities like beijing, shanghai and suzhou, CR show has developed into asia's largest trade show in the cleanroom field and has been china’s important platform looking for solutions to strict clean environments required by semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry in their entire production process as well as hospitals.

As an annual event of the cleanroom industry, Cleanroom Show (CR Show) is china's only exhibition platform for the field of contamination control, mainly applied in manufacturing environments of semiconductor, micro-electronics, bio-pharmaceutical and medical industry. 


Theme of 2012 China Cleanroom Show (CR Show 2012) :

Biological safety
Molecular Contamination


Application Areas of 2012 China Cleanroom Show (CR Show 2012) :
Microelectronics, semiconductor manufacturing
Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Hospitals, Operating room & ICU


Mission of CR Center
      Assist the government to revise and carry out cleanroom standards;
      Organize academic exchanges, exhibition & seminars;
      Advices direct department of cleanroom to improve the industry;
      Cooperation with the international organizations;
      Training technical personnels.


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Suzhou Glory Exhibitions Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter called “Glory”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzhou International Expo Center Co., Ltd. As the most professional organizer in Suzhou with the highest quality, largest number and scale of exhibitions, it specializes in planning and organizing various types of exhibitions and conferences. The exhibition theme covers real estate, automobiles, machine tools & industrial models, agriculture, logistics, clean rooms, etc.

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