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TPCA Show 2012



TPCA Show 2012

TPCA Show 2012 includes:

Taiwan PCB Exhibition 2012
EAssembly Expo Taiwan 2012
Green Tech Expo Taiwan 2012
Thermal Management Expo Taiwan 2012
2012 Taiwan Laser Technology Application Pavilion
Impact Expo Taiwan 2012


Thanks to the full support from members, electronic assembly, thermal management, green tech and laser tech companies, the scope of the 2011 TPCA Show grew by 7% compared to the previous year, hosting 1,196 stalls and 283 companies. TPCA Show visitors are also increased by 21% to a total of 21,172.

TPCA Show included demonstrations of industrial equipment, materials, and technologies relating to PCB, electronics assembly, green production, thermal management, and laser application. In the future, TPCA will continue broadening the scope of its TPCA Show todeliver a world-class exhibition that fully integrates the mid-stream and downstream of the PCB industry.

Based on the backbone of the PCB industry, “PCB making, materials, and equipment”, the TPCA Show 2012 will continue to present the integration ability of the world’s fastest PCB processes and supply chain by teaming up downstream domains, including “Electronic Assembly”, “IC Packaging”, “Thermal Management”, “Green Technology”, and “Laser Application”.

In 2012, we particularly planned the “Cu Balance Zone” to demonstrate the emerging technologies and development trends of Taiwan’s electronics industry and its advanced vertical integration technology to surprise the world.


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