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CIE 2012 - China (Chongqing) Int'l Casting & Die-casting Technology Industries Exhibition



China (Chongqing) International Casting


& Die-casting Technology Industries Exhibition


CIE 2012


About the trade show in China


China International Casting & Die-casting Technology Industries Exhibition is an international trade fair for the die casting industry that will garner international purchasers and thus is an extensive forum for the exhibitors to present their latest and best collections like stair landing, parts of instrumentation and the like.


Exhibit Scope:

◆ Foundry Equipments and Industrial Furnaces: cast steel, cast iron, non-ferrous alloy cast parts (precision casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting, rotary casting, low-pressure casting, etc.)

◆ Automobile, machine tools, shipping, engineering plant, track traffic, heavy machinery, mining machine, textile machinery, printing machinery, general machinery; casting parts for power transmission and transformation, electrommunication, petroleum chemical industry, architectural hardware, pipeline pump valve, municipal engineering, civic art etc.

◆ Casting machinery and equipment, casting plant equipment, casting mold, delivery technology, measuring technique, surface treatment technology, melting furnace, welding technique, environmental technology, kinds of casting molds; Machinery and equipments for smelting processing and pouring, modeling and core making equipments; casting impregnation equipments, heat treatment furnaces, high/middle/low frequency induction heating equipments; New technologies & equipments for foundry goods' heating and cooling; Industrial furnaces, electric stoves and Intermediate frequency coreless induction smelting and thermal insulation stoves used for foundry, forging and pressing, heat treatment, powder metallurgy and nonferrous metal industries; instruments & meters and control system used at furnaces, fuel-burning equipments, machinery and accessories used at furnaces, detecting instrument & meters; heat treatment materials; technology atmosphere preparation system, refractory materials; radiant tubes; burner nozzle.

◆ Various casting raw and auxiliary material: casting pig iron, steel scrap, ferroalloy, non-ferrous metals, refining agent, spheroidal agent, pregnant agents, silica sand, bentonite, coal dust, resin, coating, parting agent, etc.

◆ Die-casting equipments: cold/hot chamber pressure casting machines; low-pressure die casting machines; Casting peripheral (automation) equipments; gravity die casting equipments; squeezing press machines; hydrostatic press machines, hydraulic machine machines; die casting machine spares and consume products.

◆ Castings, raw materials and auxiliary materials; alloy die castings, magnesium alloy casting, zinc alloy die casting;

◆ Technologies & equipments of industrial automation: peripheral equipments such as pneumatically operated equipments, hydraulic equipments, robots and machine hands.

◆ Die casting moulds & technologies: moulds making equipments & technologies, moulds designing system (CAD/CAE/CAM), moulds making materials & auxiliary materials, molds repairing technology etc.


Name: Beijing Dingcheng Chuangying International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Address: Room 5-401, Building No.10, East One of Huoying Longqi Garden, Changping District, Beijing, China
Tel: +86-10-5620 0663
Fax: +86-10-8074 9169
Official Website: Click to Visit

Beijing Dingcheng Chuangyin Exhibition Co., Ltd is a exhibition company, we insist on work philosophy of Rigorousness, Efficiency, Integration, Innovation since our company was established. 

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