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The 7th Paint-free Technology Summit 2012

  • VENUE: TBA (To Be Announced) / TBC (To Be Confirmed)
  • ORGANIZER: Ringier AG
  • Contact:Copper Wang
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-21-6289 5533 * 269
  • CITY:Shanghai
  • INDUSTRY:Plastic & Plastic Products
  •  Consumer Electronics
  • DATE: 2012/08/16 - 2012/08/17 Expired!


The 7th Paint-free Technology Summit 2012

The 7th Paint-free Technology Summit 2012, organized by Ringier AG, will be held at Shanghai on August 16-17, 2012. The 7th Paint-free Technology Summit 2012 will cover the whole industrial chain from the latest raw materials for plastics to the most advanced processing technology. It is believed that such a technology platform will bring all participants the hottest industry trends and the most abundant industry information.

Background Knowledge of the 7th Paint-free Technology Summit 2012

According to professional statistics, in 2011, global retail sales of consumer electronic products stood at $964 billion, an increase of 10%. Especially the emerging markets such as China are becoming the main forces of consumer electronics market day by day.
In the consumer electronic industry, plastic has become the fastest growing application materials. The present average annual growth rate is about 29.5%.. At present, the amount of plastic in household appliances, accounts for 40% weight ratio.
With the rapid development of consumer electronic industry, the demand for plastics is increasing substantially and the plastic technology is also facing more challenges. In order to ensure the product performance and also to make the product look more diverse and artistic, many companies have started using new materials, new designs and new technologies such as paint-free technology to innovate and improve the products.

Highlights of the 7th Paint-free Technology Summit 2012

§ Conference held together with “7th Paint-free Technology Summit” simultaneously
§ 200+ Executive-level attendees, 100+ Top consumer electronic product manufacturers, Leading industry speakers
§ Thin-wall plastic injection molding technology in ultrabook
§ Plastics technology combine with molding and IMD
§ Latest development and research of mold design

Who will speak at the 7th Paint-free Technology Summit 2012 ?

・ Leaders from Governmental organizations and associations
・ Technicians from manufacturers of Consumer electronic products
・ Experts from research institutions
・ Raw materials suppliers
・ Others


Who will attend the 7th Paint-free Technology Summit 2012 ?

・ Governmental organizations and associations
・ Manufacturers of consumer electronic products
・ Manufacturers of mold products
・ Raw materials suppliers
・ Manufacturers of testing equipment
・ Others


Past Participating Companies of Paint-free Technology Summit

LG (China) Co., Ltd.
NEC (China) Co., Ltd.
TCL Corporation
BYD Co., Ltd.
Changzhou Yuming Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Konka Group
Toshiba (China) Co., Ltd.
Panasonic (China) Co., Ltd.
Sony (China) Co., Ltd.
Haier Group
Nokia(China)Investment Co., Ltd.
Philips(Suzhou)Co., Ltd.
Foxconn Group
Shanghai HITACHI Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Samsung Co., Ltd.
Molex Interconnect (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
GuangDong Whirlpool Electrical Appliances
Co. Ltd
Elecpro Co., Ltd.
Guoguang Electric Company Limited
Sharp Corporation
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
HP (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Lenovo China Co., Ltd.
BenQ Electronic Co., Ltd.
Motorola Electronic Co., Ltd.
Suzhou BOSUN Electronic Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Xingren Electronic Co., Ltd.
Suzhou AOC Monitor
Suzhou Hongyuan Electronic Co., Ltd.
SuZhou Chequers Electronic
Suzhou Victory Techonology
Midea Group
Hisense Group
Honeywell(China) Co,Ltd
ABB Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Kraton Polymers
Dow Corning
Lubrizol Advanced Materials
X-Rite (Shanghai) Color Management Co., Ltd.


Name: Ringier AG
Address: Nina Lyner, Dufourstrasse 23, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel: +41-44-259 6292
Official Website: Click to Visit

Ringier AG (founded in 1833 in Zofingen/Switzerland) is the largest Swiss media company.

In its domestic market Ringier successfully controls all dynamic growth markets and occupies top positions in all major media in the classic and electronic popular and entertainment sector and in the printing sector.

With a commitment in the deregulated markets of Central and Eastern Europe and in Asia Ringier is also the most international of all Swiss media and printing firms.

Ringier is a multinational integrated media company. Founded in 1833, Ringier is carrying print, broadcast, radio, online and mobile media brands, and is a successful player in the printing, entertainment and internet business. Ringier is a Swiss family-company with headquarters in Zurich.

Ringier is a wholly-owned family firm which is still led by a member of the family in the fifth generation. Michael Ringier, owner and publisher is Chairman of Ringier Holding AG. CEO Christian Unger is in charge of the operational management of the Ringier Group.

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