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CHINA MINING Congress & Expo


CHINA MINING Congress & Expo, one of the world's premier mining congress and exhibition and one of four world's top mining events, has truly become Asia's largest mineral exploration and mining trading platform. It plays a critical role in creating communications and opportunities for Chinese domestic and international mining interests. CHINA MINING Congress & Expo consists of three parts – the conferences, the exhibitions and the featured events.
The conferences attract the world' policy makers and the industry leading voice in presnting the hottiest topics and providing insightful information. The topics also cover mining industry trends, the gloabl mineral commodity market, domestic and international investment opportunities, sustainable mining development, geological surveys, mining technologies and equipment.

CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2010 attracted more than 5,000 delegates from 60 countries and featured over 600 booths.First Vice President of the Republic of Peru, H.E. Luis Giampietri Rojas together with nine mining ministers from other countries attended the Event. Vice Premier H.E. Li Keqiang from China State Council gave the keynote address in the Opening Ceremony.

Office of CHINA MINING Organizing Committee
Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Land Resources and Housing Administration
Address: No.84, Qufu Road, Heping District, 300042, Tianjin P.R. China
Event Operator
Beijing Sino-Confex International Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-10-6446 6855
Fax: +86-10-5885 7006
Fax: +86-10-6446 5825 



Exhibitors Include
Governments and associations
• Banks, stock exchanges, insurance and investment companies
• Consultants, accounting and law firms, mining evaluation services
• Mining rights traders
• Trading companies
• Mining companies, energy, metal and non-metal
• Technology: automization and information services, software development data analysis, laboratories, satellite communication
• Geological exploration companies and equipment makers and suppliers: geophysical and geochemical exploration, aerial photogammetry and remote sensing, survey services company, geological data analysis
• Equipment manufacturers and suppliers
- Mining machinery: excavating, hoisting, loading, transport and construction
- Mineral processing: crushing, pulverizing, screening and laboratory
- Safety and environmental protection
• Education: universities, research and training institutions
• Media


Name: China Mining Association
Address: B3 Anxin Dasha, A4 Hepingli 9 Qu, Dongcheng Districe, Beijing, P.R.China. Zip:100013
Tel: +86-10-6655 7688
Official Website: Click to Visit

China Mining Association is a juridical association approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, with members ranging over the whole mining industry. The association mainly consists of, on a voluntary basis, domestic and overseas mining corporations (including oil fields), geological prospecting enterprises, nation-wide mining industry associations, province-level mining industry associations (unions), mining industry related scientific research institutes and academies, as well as the mining areas and cities. The principle of the association is to serve the mining corporations and the government, and to promote the development of mining industry, following the internal law and development process of mining industry, acting as a bridge and link between the mining industries and the government.
China Mining Association sets up the Members Representative Assembly as the highest authority, with the Board as executive organization, the Chairman Managing Meeting in charge of routine work, and the Secretariat as the administrative body.
China Mining Association also consists of some branch associations, professional committees, work committees, and runs China Mining newspapers, China Mining magazines, China Mining websites, and other media including China Minerals Yearbook and so on. With the support of these faculties and media, the association offers all-round service to the industry, the corporations and the government in policy and legal consultancy, market information supply, intermediary service, international exchange, members’ right safeguard and some other fields as well. In order to enhance the contact and communication with local and overseas mining corporations, it not only sets up offices in some of the provinces, autonomies and cities in China, but also has resident representative offices in other major mining countries.

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