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FINE ART ASIA 2011 - The International Art and Antiques Fair in Hong Kong


about the FINE ART ASIA 2011 - The International Art and Antiques Fair  in Hong Kong

FINE ART ASIA is recognized in the international art market as  Asia’s premier annual art fair presenting a unique combination of  Art and Antiques.
FINE ART ASIA is the only fair in Asia where tradition and  modernity, East and West, can be seen and appreciated under the  same roof. The 7th edition of the fair will showcase an amazing  array of museum quality exhibits, from ancient Chinese stone  wares, Himalayan bronzes, Chinese ceramics and works of art,  furniture, textiles and jades, to fine art jewellery, antique silver  and exceptional modern and contemporary artworks from both  Asia and the West.
Some 80 renowned, selected dealers from Asia, Europe and the  USA will be exhibiting at the fair, reflecting the international  nature of this quality event. FINE ART ASIA is timed to coincide  with the peak art auction season in Hong Kong, attracting major  collectors, dealers and connoisseurs from around the world


Name: Art & Antique International Fair Ltd (AAIF)
Address: 84 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 3107 0681
Fax: (852) 3107 0680
Official Website: Click to Visit


Art and Antique International Fair Limited (AAIF) is the pioneer  of art fairs in Hong Kong. Founded  by Hong Kong art experts and  aficionados, in 2006 it staged the first international art fair in  Hong Kong in more than a decade. Since then, the annual Hong  Kong International Art and Antiques Fair has provided a vibrant  new platform for the art world in Asia and worldwide. It has  become recognized as Asia’s premier annual art fair presenting a  unique combination of art and antiques. In 2010 the fair was  renamed FINE ART ASIA 2010.
A territory that values its own culture and heritage, Hong Kong is  the natural and historical centre of the art market in Asia. It is also  the gateway to China, which has emerged as one of the world’s  largest and strongest markets for art and antiques. Hong Kong’s  geographically central location also makes it easily accessible to  the many collectors and dealers from Japan, Taiwan and Southeast  Asia.
Hong Kong has the great advantage of being a free port, making it  easy to import and export artworks without restrictions. There is  no sales tax on art in Hong Kong. Thanks to its ideal  infrastructure, over the past decade Hong Kong has risen to  become one of the three most important art auction centres in the  world, along with New York and London.
AAIF has so far organised six art fairs in Hong Kong.* Featuring  leading local and international galleries, they have provided an  opportunity to show artworks of the highest quality to collectors,  connoisseurs dealers, art enthusiasts and the general public. AAIF  aims both to showcase high quality Asian art to a worldwide  audience, and to act as a bridge for international galleries who  wish to introduce their artists and artworks to Asia.
The fairs have all been scheduled to coincide with the bi-annual  series of Asian art auctions in Hong Kong organised by the world’ s leading auction houses, Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Experience has  shown that this timing is most advantageous in attracting  international dealers, collectors and art lovers to the fair.
An Academic Programme including lectures and seminars by  leading art institutions and internationally renowned art experts is  an important element of each fair. AAIF also works closely with  the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong  Kong, helping to nurture the future generation of art practitioners  and professionals in Hong Kong.
With local expertise and long-term confidence in Hong Kong as  the centre of the art market in Asia, AAIF is committed to making  its fair a key annual art event in Hong Kong’s cultural calendar.

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