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LogiMat China 2016 - The 3rd China (Nanjing) Int'l Trade Fair for Distribution, Material Handling and Information Flow


LogiMat China 2016

The 3rd China (Nanjing) Int'l Trade Fair

for Distribution, Material Handling and Information Flow

About the trade fair in China

LogiMat China 2016 - The 3rd China (Nanjing) Int'l Trade Fair for Distribution, Material Handling and Information Flow will be held on April 19-21, 2016 at Nanjing International Exhibition Center (NJIEC), China. The total exhibition area is expected to cover 10,000 square meters.

Opening hours:
April 19th 2016   9:00 a.m.-17:00 p.m.
April 20th 2016   9:00 a.m.-17:00 p.m.
April 21th 2016   9:00 a.m.-17:00 p.m.


Right visitors from the target industries
Logistics industries:
Logistics service, transportation, storage, delivery, railway, shipping, air, harbor, postal service, express, freight forwarders, etc.
Industrial manufacturing:
Electronics, automotive, food & beverage, aerospace, pharmacy, household appliances, tobacco, chemical, papermaking, printing & packing, metallurgical, etc.
Retail industries:
Supermarkets, wholesale market, commercial distribution center, large-scale bookstore, publication, printer, food-stuff, military logistics agency, etc.


Exhibits Scope
Materials handling and storage technology
Storage and handling systems
Automation and control systems
Cranes, lifting gear
Continuous handling equipment
Handling equipment
Luggage Handling
Wheels and castors
Parts and accessories

Warehousing and operational equipment
Racks, rack systems
Rack operation equipment
Shelf inspection and repair
Protection for columns and shelving
Order-picking equipment
Hall and marquee construction
Hall floors
Hall lighting
Cleaning equipment for warehouses and storage facilities
Air-conditioning systems
Ladder systems
Industrial doors, door seals
Work mats
Workplace systems

Warehouse and production controls / Robotics
Control systems and equipment
Production robots
Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
Fine planning
Workforce planning
ERP and PPS systems
Planning and development
Research and technology

Packaging, weighing, measuring and franking
Returnable and non-returnable packaging
Container management
Padding materials and edge protection
Packaging materials
Packaging machinery
Palletising robots
Shrink and stretch systems
Hooping techniques
Weighing and metering equipment
Measuring systems and equipment
Franking systems

Loading technology and systems / Load securing
Loading ramps and bridges
Hydraulic platforms, lifting tables, adjustable ramps
Transhipment equipment
Automatic loading and unloading of trucks
Security technology for loading zones
Tensioning straps and chains
Antislip mats
Antislip pallets
Ram-protection products

Warehouse systems
Crane systems
Conveyor systems

Ground conveyors and accessories
Forklift trucks
Stacker guidance systems
Pallet stackers
Driverless transport systems
Ancillary equipment for stackers
Wheels and castors
Parts and accessories

Information and communication technology
Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Consignment tracking and identification systems
Internet marketplaces
E-commerce and e-procurement
Supply chain software
Fleet management systems
Vehicle communication

Order-picking systems
Automatic order commissioning
Electronic pick lists

Labelling and identification
Identification systems
Printed labels and labelling machinery
Auto-ID / RFID
Transponder technology

(Software for) Simulation
Supply-chain simulation
Simulation of manufacturing scenarios
Simulation-supported fine-planning of production
Robot simulation
3D-simulation solutions
Strategic consultation

Software for storage systems
Storage management software
Storage control systems
Data transmission

Software for despatches and transport
Customs software
Route planning systems
Freight costs management
Forwarding software
Material planning software
Despatch software

Software for stock management, inventories and archiving
Stock management
Document management

Energy, environmental technology, recycling and waste disposal
Energy supply
Renewable energies
Batteries, battery management and rechargers
Waste treatment
Waste air/water processing
Compaction systems for recovered waste
Feeder systems

Buildings/site security
Safety at work
IT security
Fire safety

Outsourcing partners
Logistics service providers
Courier, express and parcel services
Freight distribution centres
Facility cleaning
Data centres (EDI/ASP)
General contractors

Logistics Facilities
Logistics locations
Location consultancy
Logistics properties

Consultation, planning and implementation
Corporate and logistics consulting
Personnel consultants
SAP consultation and integration
Finance, leasing, rental

Authorities, organisations, education and media
Trade associations
Universities and colleges
Other educational establishments


Name: Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibition Ltd.
Address: 199 Yanshan Road, Jianye District Nanjing 210019, Jiangsu, China
Tel: +86-25-8528 6200
Fax: +86-25-8528 6206
Official Website: Click to Visit

Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibition Ltd. is the subsidiary of Messe Stuttgart in China.

Messe Stuttgart GmbH, as one of the most innovative and pioneering exhibition companies in Germany, has been known to organize high-profile events, seminars, congresses, trade fairs, exhibitions and company presentationsMesse Stuttgart GmbH is known for its proficiency and for having a dynamic outlook while planning and organizing their events and exhibitions.

With a dedicated team of professionals, Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH has to its credit a plethora of successful trade fairs, events and conferences. It annually hosts over 35 individual exhibitions and fairs as well as around 20 guests events. Being a globally renowned exhibition company, it provides comprehensive and efficient service and offers new and modern concepts to their clients.

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