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GPIS 2015 - Global Projects and Investment Summit Macau 2015


GPIS 2015

Global Projects and Investment Summit Macau 2015

As the unique opportunity to hear from decision makers and obtain exclusive insights into the risks and returns involved in each projectGPIS 2015 - Global Projects and Investment Summit Macau 2015 will take place during Dec.24-26, 2015 at The Venetian Macau-Resort-Hotel.

GPIS 2015 will be the best platform gathering influential people who move markets, manage mulit-million dollar portfolios and who are seeking vetted investment projects or capital.

Global Projects and Investment Summit Macau 2015 will facilitate profound discussions with international experts on investment projects and finance structuring with an overview of government policies and procedures.

Key Themes of GPIS 2015
1, Countries and the emerging markets
2, Investment project opportunities across the globe
3, Government regulation and policy
4, Investment models and structures
5, Investors residence and economic citizenship


Who you will meet at GPI Summit:
Government Ministers, advisers and policy-makers
Project developers and equity sponsors
Private equity investors and sovereign wealth funds
Project and export finance bankers
Infrastructure, energy and natural resource finance bankers
Finance bankers
Lawyers and accountants
Rating agencies
Public agencies and ECAʼs
Debt capital market and syndicated loans bankers
Fund and asset managers
Advisers and consultants
Renewable energy developers

Who from your institution should attend GPI Summit:
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Managing Director
Business Development Directors
Head of Power
Heads of Renewable Energy
Heads of Project Finance


Global Projects and Investment Summit Macau 2015

  DAY 1,  November 24, 2015
9:15 Summit welcome
9:30 Government keynote address
9:45 Global financial market discussion panel
10:30 Changeover
10:40 Expert focus: Addressing foreign investment risks 
  International investment agreement may signal to international investors a favorable investment environment, and provide them with guarantees that their investments will benefit from adequate regulatory conditions in their business operation. This session will explore:


  • What are the factors investors should consider when considering whether or not to invest in a developing country?
  • What are the major types of political risk?
  • What strategies can investors employ to minimize risk?
  • How does one allocate risk as between the host state and the foreign investor?
  • Does it matter what kind of history of government intervention in the economy the host state has?

Speaker: Dr. Julien Chaisse, Chief Counsel World Trade Advisors

11:30 Refreshment and networking break
12:00 Country focus: Investment opportunities
  Africa, America
13:00 Delegate networking lunch
14:30 Country focus: Investment Opportunities
16:30 Institutional investor perspective
17:30 Expert focus: China is at crossroads: Will China continues to offer great investment opportunities?
  After dynamic growth for more than three decades China is at crossroads facing significant problems of sustainable development. The inherent socialist market economy and the uncertain direction of the market change and the struggling process have slowed the potential investment in China:


  • What does this mean for the future of investment into China?
  • What are the recent concerns with foreign investors?
  • What are the major institutional challenges ahead?
  • What type of investment will we see?

Speaker: Dr. Zhang Xianchu, Professor The University of Hong Kong

 18:00 End of the Summit
20:00 Gala Dinner


  DAY 2,  November 25, 2015
9:30 Recap & welcome
9:45 Keynote address
10:00 Discussion panel
11:15 Refreshment and Networking Break
11:45 Country focus: Investment opportunities
13:15 Delegate Networking Lunch
14:30  Exper focus: Investment opportunities in Outer Space
  Outer Space, once unreachable in the past, has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for imaginative writers and determined space scientists alike. Space activities were conducted solely by the state or state-owned enterprises; however, space commercialization and privatization has become an irreversible trend for space activities since 1990s.


  • What is the current status of space commercialisation and privatisation?
  • What are the areas for possible investment in the space field?
  • What are the current legal regimes for space activities
  • What areas of laws are urgently needed to secure investments in the space field?
  • What can the commercial world and/or potential investors do to improve the current legal regime for space investment activities?

Speaker: Dr. Zhao Yun, Winner of Diederiks-Verschoor Award 2006 by International Institute of Space Law

15:30 Country focus: Investment opportunities
16:30 Cocktail – Match-making/networking
17:30 End of Summit


  DAY 3,  November 26, 2015
9:30 Recap & welcome
9:45 Keynote address
10:00 Projects focus
11:15 Refreshment and networking break
11:45 Projects focus
13:15 Delegate networking lunch
14:30 Projects focus
15:30 Projects focus
16:30 Match-making/networking
17:30 End of Summit



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