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UR Expo 2017 - Shanghai Int'l Unmanned Stores and Retail New Terminal Services Innovation Exhibition 2017


UR Expo 2017

Shanghai International

Unmanned Stores and

Retail New Terminal Services Innovation Exhibition 2017

UR Expo 2017 - Shanghai International Unmanned Stores and Retail New Terminal Services Innovation Exhibition 2017 will be staged on Sep.25-27, 2017 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, China.

Nowadays, in retail cost structure change and the rapidly changing consumer demand today, no one shop than traditional manned convenience stores for the personnel cost and management have a competitive advantage, with the development of era, the retail trend more and more be taken seriously. Unattended is becoming one of the most promising and promising business sectors of the future physical business, and unattended will be one of the best carriers for community business in the future.


Scope of exhibits:
Retail new terminal and featured unattended store, sample shop, experience store exhibition area
Contains no one brand stores, convenience stores, all channels experience store, intelligent community, such as no one chain of convenience stores, convenience stores, self-service laundry, intelligent self-service fresh fruits and vegetables, intelligent cafeteria, intelligent boutiques, intelligent self-service coffee shops, etc.);
No shop, smart convenience store hardware display area
Various smart machines; Various intelligent self-service terminals and solutions (including self-catering and coffee, self-service entertainment and leisure, self-service distribution and collection, self-help finance and convenience, etc.); Self-service checkout, related payment and currency solution; Digital signage and advertising machine; Intelligent shopping basket, smart shelves, smart cabinets, automatic storage cabinets; Supplier of special products for vending machines and related accessories and services; Display equipment, quick packing facilities, entrance equipment, etc.
Retail new terminal and the information technology exhibition area of intelligent convenience store
The latest solutions for unattended stores and retail, digital solutions for stores; Related AI technology, big data cloud management platform system; Intelligent guide, intelligent identification, electronic tagging, intelligent receiving bank, smart video service solution; Commodity anti-theft system (EAS), radio frequency identification (RFID), barcode technology and equipment, printers and consumables; Related to retail related AR, VR application, intelligent robot interaction, etc.
Unattended and convenience stores (consumer goods) and supply chain service exhibition area
All kinds of fast food products (including food, beverage, wine, produce, fresh produce, etc.), daily provisions, creative products; Goods delivery service and distribution equipment (including district, city, etc.), various workshops and kitchen related accessories, logistics warehouse job front or logistics infrastructure and store inventory sharing; Community O2O platform and so on;
Retail new terminal and unattended stores, convenience store professional service providers
Commercial space design, consumption scene construction, consumer image characterization, soft decoration, design, education, training, media, recruitment, etc.


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