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China International Bond Investment Forum 2017

  • VENUE: Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong
    Location & Details of Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong
  • VENUE ADDRESS: 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, China
  • ORGANIZER: Total Finance
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • Contact:Eric Li
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-150-2665 2832; +86-21-5058 9600*8019
  • Fax: +86-21-5058 5987
  • CITY:Hong Kong
  • INDUSTRY:Real Estate, Properties, Investment
  •  Conference & Summit / Congress
  • DATE: 2017/10/26 - 2017/10/27 Expired!


China International Bond Investment Forum 2017

Hosted by Total Finance, China International Bond Investment Forum 2017 will take place on Oct.26-27, 2017 at Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong.

Topics of China International Bond Investment Forum 2017:
Opportunities and Challenges for the Internationalization of Chinese Bond Market ● China’s being included in the global main bond indexes and its market influence on issuers of bond and investors ●Discussion of interest rate fluctuation of Chinese bond market and hedging tools ●Currency risk and fluidity of secondary market ● Integration of domestic rating and international rating ●Opportunity and Influence of The Belt and Road Initiative to Chinese bond market What risks and challenges does “Bond Connect” have? How to prevent? ●Exchange rate of Chinese bond market ● Discussion of pricing and tendency of onshore and offshore Ren Min Bi and exchange rate risk ●Discussion the trend of participants in open foreign exchange markets ●The Long-term effect on North to North Pass ●Conditions for opening and the trend of Southbound Pass Discuss the investment strategy and direction of China's bond market ●Analysis and evaluation of Chinese credit bond market ●Chinese and international financial reporting differences ●Discuss the feasibility plan and innovation idea of the Bond Liquidity Rating ●The risk of bond default ●Discuss the development of Renminbi denominated financial products US dollar bonds of Chinese issuers ●Industry distribution and rating ●City investment bonds, Financial bonds, Real estate debt, Central enterprises and other debt ●Current Situation and Trend of Financing of US Dollars in Chinese Enterprises ●Pricing trends and risk identification Development and tendency of Chinese green bond market ●Will the green market turn from being policy-driven to market-driven? ●Domestic and foreign investors’ reception degree of China’s green bonds ●Supervisory, legal and taxation framework of China ●Latest green bond exchange and its structure


Name: Total Finance
Address: Room 401, 88 Maoxing Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-5058 9600 * 8012
Fax: +86-21-5058 5987
Official Website: Click to Visit

Total Finance is committed to building financial innovation in the field of production and research platform, through the line of financial summit forum and training, integration of industry information flow, expert talent flow, the flow of funds integrated platform. Total Finance Institute have successfully held several ABS summits with many area experts resource from Mainland China in the past four years.

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