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D-Energy 2018- The 7th Shanghai Int'l Distributed Energy & Energy Storage Appliance Exhibition and Forum


D-Energy 2018

The 7th Shanghai International

Distributed Energy & Energy Storage Appliance Exhibition and Forum

D-Energy 2018- The 7th Shanghai International Distributed Energy & Energy Storage Appliance Exhibition and Forum provides a quality platform on technologies and equipment for distributed energy industry companies, which will take place on May 3-5, 2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.

Nowadays, due to the escalating issue of environmental pollution, there is an urgent need in China to provide clean and green distributed energy. It was announced in March 2016 China’s goal to construct some 1,000 natural gas distributed energy points as well as over 10 distributed energy model regions. By 2020, China aims to increase the installed capacity to 50 GW, thus promoting the implementation of distributed energy systems.


Target  Visitor
Industrial parks, technology parks and development zones
Ports, airports, hospitals and schools
Large-scale manufacturing plants
Commercial buildings and properties
Natural gas energy traders
Energy and electricity investors and consultants
Oil, coal and mines exploitation
Related government departments
Academic experts


Exhibits Scope
1. Distributed Energy Generation

1.1 Diesel generator
1.2 Gas generating set
1.3 Waste electricity generation
1.4 Biogas power generation
1.5 Turbo-Generators
1.6 Geothermal power
1.7 Biomass power generation
1.8 Wind distributed generation
1.9 Solar photovoltaic power generation
1.10 Cogeneration in PV
1.11 Small hydro distributed power generation
1.12 Coal-bed methane
1.13 Coal mine methane power generation system

2. Combined Cooling Heating and Power Supply
2.1 Gas turbines
2.2 Gas engines
2.3 Steam turbine
2.4 Small gas turbines
2.5 Micro-gas turbine
2.6 Stirling engine
2.7 Lithium-bromide absorption-type refrigerating machines
2.8 Heat absorption-type refrigerating machines
2.9 Multi-connected air conditioning units
2.10 Adsorption chiller
2.11 Water-cooled chillers
2.12 Air-cooled chiller
2.13 Heat pump hot water unit
2.14 Water source heat pump unit
2.15 Ground-source heat pump unit
2.16 Vapour absorption refrigeration
2.17 Space heating systems
2.18 Absorption air-conditioning unit
2.19 Pumps/valves; Gas-fired boiler

3. Waste Heat Utilization Technology and Equipment
3.1 Thermal power generation
3.2 Turbine
3.3 Residual heat boiler
3.4 Heat excharger
3.5 Heater
3.6 Air compressor heat recovery device
3.7 Pure low temperature waste heat power generation technology
3.8 Gas waste heat recovery technology
3.9 Waste heat recovery of heat pump technology
3.10 Gas engine driven heat pump for waste heat recovery
3.11 Low temperature waste heat recovery
3.12 Steam heating system
3.13 Air-conditioning heat recovery

4. Power Distribution System
4.1 Inverter
4.2 Switching equipment
4.3 Disconnecting switch
4.4 Electrical cabinet/box
4.5 Protection device
4.6 Scheduling communication device
4.7 Instrumentation
4.8 Lightning protection

5. Distributed Energy System
5.1 Distributed energy research unit
5.2 Electricity/gas company
5.3 Shale gas and energy company
5.4 Results and design units
5.5 Energy saving and energy performance contracting

6. Micro-grid Technology
6.1 Multiple micro-grid system
6.2 Micro-power monitor
6.3 Micro-grid control systems
6.4 Micro-grid relay protection equipment system
6.5 Grid-connected control system for micro-network
6.6 Network central controller
6.7 Microgrid control cabinet
6.8 Micro-grid grid structure
6.9 Microcomputer excitation
6.10 Panel and bridge


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