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W-Power 2018 - China (Shanghai) Int'l Wind Energy Exhibition & Conference 2018


W-Power 2018

China (Shanghai) International

Wind Energy Exhibition & Conference 2018

formerly known as CWEE

W-Power 2018 - China (Shanghai) International Wind Energy Exhibition & Conference 2018 will be held on May 3-5, 2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.

China (Shanghai) International Wind Energy Exhibition & Conference (W-Power) is a comprehensive sourcing platform showcases an extensive range of products including wind turbines, offshore wind energy equipment, accessories and technology, wind farm management system and other equipment.

W-Power aims to further boost a network where suppliers, buyers, policy-makers and industry influencers to converge and drive positive growth in the wind energy landscape


Target Visitors
Power/utilities companies
Power plant operators
Energy investors
Government and industry associations
Wind farm developers and owners
Project contracting and management companies
Bidding companies
Educational institutions
Power engineering companies
Electrical/mechanical companies
Energy consulting companies
Planning and design companies
Electric power research institutes
Financial institutions and funding agencies


Exhibits Scope
1. Wind Turbines
1.1 In-grid wind turbine generator systems
1.2 Off-grid wind turbine generator systems
1.3 Wind-solar power systems
1.4 Distributed wind power generation system

2. Accessories & Equipment
2.1 Rotor blades and relevant materials
2.2 Composite materials
2.3 Gearbox, bearing, lubricant
2.4 Generator, transformer, box transformer
2.5 Control system
2.6 Remote monitoring systems
2.7 Convertor
2.8 Hydraulic system
2.9 Security system
2.10 Lightning protection system
2.11 Cable, cable conduits
2.12 Installation equipment
2.13 Transport equipment
2.14 Fastener
2.15 Testing equipment
2.16 Pumps matched with wind turbine

3. Offshore Wind Energy Equipment and Technology
3.1 Offshore foundation
3.2 Offshore installation vessel and platform
3.3 Offshore operation relevant equipment
3.4 Offshore transportation for bulky cargo
3.5 High voltage power cable
3.6 Transformer platform
3.7 Rescue/safety equipment
3.8 Diving equipment
3.9 Warning device
3.10 Port, shipbuilding, steel manufacturing
3.11 Remote sensing technology & application
3.12 Corrosion prevention
3.13 Water control
3.14 Deep-water soil survey service
3.15 Offshore wind farm maintenance
3.16 Offshore project construction and service

4. Wind Farm Management
4.1 Remote monitoring system
4.2 Wind farm control and liaison system
4.3 Wind farm safety and health
4.4 Assets management and collocation optimization

5. Wind Turbine O&M Equipment
5.1 Lubricating oil
5.2 Oil change equipment
5.3 Detecting system
5.4 Alarm system
5.5 Monitoring and control system
5.6 Data analysis and diagnosis
5.7 Lightning protection system

6. O&M Auxiliary Equipment
6.1 Wind blade healant
6.2 Lifesaving/safety protection equipment
6.3 Lifting system
6.4 Climbing equipment
6.5 Sling
6.6 Vertical-lift platform
6.7 Specialty maintenance vessel

7. Spare Part
7.1 Parts and replacement
7.2 Parts retrofitting

8. Repair Kit
8.1 Safety construction equipment
8.2 Hydraulic wrench
8.3 Measurement instrument
8.4 Lighting tools


Name: Shanghai Deray Exhibition Planning Co. Limited
Address: Room 926/927, Building 1, No. 100, Jinyu Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-5197 8780/5197 8781
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Shanghai Deray Exhibition Planning Co., Limited is established in 2005, Is one take the modern service industry as the development center of gravity and the direction of management Private enterprise. Deray Expo Has been maintaining healthy, stable, the fast development. Now Deray Extends in the display conference core business foundation to the publication, Booth design and making, Electronic commerce and so on, Provides for the customer promotion brand image and the foundation marketing channel, the system, to have the value completely commercial platform.

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