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Kid’s Expo China 2018 - The 9th China (Guangzhou) International Kid’s Education Expo

  • VENUE: Poly World Trade Expo Center (PWTC)
    Location & Details of Poly World Trade Expo Center (PWTC)
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.1000, Xingang Rd (E), Haizhu District, Guangzhou
  • ORGANIZER: Guangzhou AUCH Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • Contact:Gabriella Yang
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-20-8330 0252
  • Fax: +86-20-8330 0152
  • CITY:Guangzhou
  • INDUSTRY:Education & Training
  •  Maternity, Baby & Children
  • DATE: 2018/06/09 - 2018/06/11 Expired!


Kid’s Expo China 2018

The 9th China (Guangzhou) International Kid’s Education Expo 

As the top trade show of kids’ education industryKid’s Expo China 2018 - The 9th China (Guangzhou) International Kid’s Education Expo will take place during June 9-11, 2018 at Poly World Trade Expo Center, Guangzhou.

By 2015, there were 223,700 kindergartens in China with an increase of 13,800 compared with last year. In addition, the gross kindergarten enrollment is up to 75%, 4.5% higher than that last year. It's predicted that by 2020 kids population will top 52 million bringing flourishing preschool education market of 50 trillion in China.

Highlights of Kid’s Expo China:
1 themed conference
7 specialized shows
●20 themed forums, 100 guests and teachers
500 famous brands of preschool education
* kids’ education group
* kindergarten owners & teachers
* distributors &agents of kids’ products
* preschool associations representatives


Preschool Institutions
distinctive kindergartens, international kindergarten, preschool education groups, kids-parents centers, preschool teacher training, etc

Teaching Materials      
textbooks of diverse subjects, electronics whiteboard,
multimedia products, musical instrument, painting tools, etc.

Special Courses  
interest-oriented classes, kindergarten curriculum, intelligent game courses, enlightment courses, etc.

Kids Toys & Clothes   
enlightment toys, intelligent toys, teaching toys, physical toys, handcraft, shoes, skirts, etc

Kindergarten Facilities
outdoor entertainment facilities, furniture, bed, chair , desk, school bus, etc.

Kindergarten Products
school uniform, schoolbag, stationery, bedding products, dinnerwave, etc.

Kindergarten Software 
management software, interactive software, multi-media teaching, online teaching etc.

Kindergarten Construction
kindergarten design, environment construction, eco-friendly floor, grassland, safety facilities, etc.

Kids Online Education  
online education platform, education resources, recorded broadcast and the live system, online interactive platform, online exam ,cloud services etc.

Related Services   
kids photographing, kid- parent interactive community, outdoor experience, insurance, etc.


Name: Guangzhou AUCH Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 1102, Guangzhou Trading Square, No.268, Mid Dongfeng Rd., Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Tel: +86-20-8330 0252
Fax: +86-20-8330 0152
Official Website: Click to Visit

Guangzhou AUCH Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. is a professional corporation, who organizes international exhibitions at home and abroad, trade conferences, conferences for academic exchange, seminars, etc. Since its establishment in 2002, AUCH has already successfully hosted many reputable exhibitions in the spirit of Good Faith, Best Service, Professional Exhibitions in the fields of maritime, paper, printing, publication, electrics and machinery.

Over the years, AUCH has established and maintained close relations with the Chinese government, professional associations, media and exhibitions services institutions. Meanwhile, the exhibition offices of Guangdong Paper Association and Guangdong Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers have been set up in AUCH. Their tremendous support has promoted AUCH to go forward continuously. AUCH believes in continually improving its influence over the exhibitions industry in China and Southeast Asia. It strives to provide its exhibitors with up-to-date information and efficient, professionally-run events.
AUCH is your sincere partner and committed in bringing you unlimited opportunities.

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