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AM China 2018 - International Anti-corrosion Technology and Materials Fair 2018


AM China 2018

International Anti-corrosion Technology and Materials Fair 2018

AM China 2018 - International Anti-corrosion Technology and Materials Fair 2018 will take place on May 14-16, 2018 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (NECC), China.

At present, corrosion of materials, components and equipment has great harm to the national economy, corrosion of the latest survey results show that China's losses due to corrosion and corrosion prevention investment accounted for about 3.34% of GDP in the same year, a total of more than two trillion yuan, if the application of anticorrosion, existing knowledge and technology, the cost of corrosion 25%-40% to avoid.

AM China 2018 will cover the total exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, attracting 400 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors join in the show, playing an active role in reducing the loss caused by corrosion, promoting the progress and application of anti-corrosion technology. Technical seminars and activities will be held at the same period, which will invite domestic and foreign experts and participants to interact, discuss industry trends, share their experience gained, the technical seminars and activities will also welcome the domestic and foreign corrosion prevention technology and materials enterprises and their related industry people to visit and exchange!


Exhibits Scope
 The corrosion resistant materials:
corrosion resistance coating / coating and coating technology, corrosion resistant engineering plastics, preservatives, resin, glass steel and its products, carbon fiber, copper oxide, corrosion resistant alloy, stainless steel, coated plates and other corrosion resistant materials; cleaning, passivation liquid, pickling passivation paste, anti rust oil, antirust grease, gas phase the packaging materials, corrosion inhibitor, descaling agent;
 The corrosion technology: surface technology, electroplating, chemical plating, hot dip plating, Dacromet technology, cathodic protection technology and products etc.;
 The monitoring and testing instruments and equipment: corrosion rate tester and electrochemical corrosion test instrument, corrosion monitoring system and equipment, corrosion test equipment, simulation should be corrosion stress corrosion test equipment, observation and analysis equipment, coating thickness tester, coating quality testing instrument; cathode materials, protection technology and equipment; pipeline integrity testing instrument and equipment; corrosion coupon, resistance probe, inductance probe corrosion monitoring system, equipment and services, local corrosion monitoring technology, nondestructive testing technology; anticorrosion construction equipment etc.;
 The other anti corrosion technology and new materials;
 Related publications and network.


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