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CIHIE 2019 - The 25th China (Beijing) International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo

  • VENUE: China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)
    Location & Details of China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No. 6, Bei-San-Huan East Road, Beijing, CHINA
  • ORGANIZER: Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co. Limited
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • Contact:Wendy Wei
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-10-8578 5007 ext.8018
  • Fax: +86-10-8584 1055
  • CITY:Beijing
  • INDUSTRY:Packaging
  •  Health & Medicine
  •  Food & Beverage
  •  Herbal, Nutrition, Organic & Natural Products
  • DATE: 2019/04/17 - 2019/04/19 Expired!


CIHIE 2019

The 25th China (Beijing) International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo

Fair ended. Please click here for CIHIE 2020!

Known as "the barometer of the health industry" by the professionals, CIHIE 2019 - The 25th China (Beijing) International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo, organized by Shibowei International Exhibition Co. Ltd., will take place at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), Beijing during 17-19 April, 2019.

The exhibit scope of CIHIE 2019 - The 25th China (Beijing) International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo include Nutrition and Health Food, Health-care (functional) Products, Health-care (Functional) Drinks, Enzymes and Enzyme Related Products, Sugar-free Products, Beauty and slimming products, Diet Therapy Medicinal Food, Health-care Products Packaging and Big Health Industrial Park and Base.


1. Effective, creditworthy, sales-network of dealers, agents, the joining trader, Wechat businessman, e-business, application dealer, trade company etc
2. Pharmacies, Chinese medicine shops, Franchised stores of health products, Medical recovery equipment, Health club,Elderly supplies stores,Pension institutions,Gym,Nursing home,Cadres' sanatorium,beauty salon, cosmetics stores, Home stores, Daily chemicals stores, Shampoo and hair care agencies, Health management institutions, private clubs etc;
3.Chinese medicine chain stores, Gift companies, TV shopping, Online shopping centers, Trade service providers, Gift shops, important group-buying units etc.
4.Hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine clinics,Traditional Chinese medicine specialist in traditional Chinese and Western Medicine,Colleges of traditional Chinese medicine,Community health center;
5. Buyers stationed in China、Import and export trading company、Industry association、The central enterprise trade union system of the SASAC、Medical and healthy management system、Relevant government department management、Association organization;Pharmaceutical business group etc;


Exhibit Scope

A: Nutrition and Health Food Area: Life nourishment products, Nutrients, Nutritional supplements, Sports nutrition, Functional food, High-end dairy products,Pollen products,Bee products,Ginseng products,Fish Oil, Enzymatic products, Green alga products, Embryo products, Chlorophyll products, Aloes products, Fungus products, Plant extract products

B: Health-care (functional) Products Area: Natural products, Organic food, Enhancing immunity products, Anti-aging products, Cardiovascular disease prevention products,Anti-cancer products, Liver protection products and kidney filling products, Marine biological products,Slimming health care products , Amino acids,Blood-supplementing formula,Fatty acid,Dietary fiber,DHA/EPA products, new resources of food etc;

C: Enzymes and Enzyme Related Products: Enzyme powder, Enzyme plaster, Enzyme ingot, Liquid enzymes, Natural enzymes, Noni enzyme , Fruit enzymes, Compound enzyme, etc. Enzymes cosmetics, Enzymes skin care products, Enzyme soap, Enzymes cosmetic mask products and other wash protect daily products;

D: Health-careFunctionalDrinks Area: Health-care drinks, Health-care juice,, Health-care tea, Health-care wine, Functional water, Coffee drinks and related drinks etc;

E: Beauty and slimming products area: Collagen, Coenzyme Q10, Skin care cosmetics, Functional cosmetics and slimming products, Natural beauty products,Chinese herbal beauty products,Foot therapy bath products etc.

F: Sugar-free Products Area: Special Dietary foods, Low-sugar beverage, Milk powder, Oatmeal, Corn grains products, Diabetic health food

G: Diet Therapy Medicinal Food Products Area: Diet therapy and medicinal food raw materials and related equipment, Chinese traditional medicine (chopped/traditional medicine etc), Chinese medicine pills, national features drugs and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, material and extract etc.

H: Health-care Products Packaging Area: Medicine and health-care production equipment and packing equipment, printing equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials, etc.

I:Big Health Industrial Park and Base: Large health industry and industrial park bases of local

governments, planning display、promotion and investment activities, etc.


Name: Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co. Limited
Address: Rm 904, Unit 4, Building 1, Caiman Jie Financial Center, No.69, Chaoyang Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Tel: +86-10-8578 5006/07/08/09
Fax: +86-10-5141 3308
Official Website: Click to Visit
Official Website: Click to Visit

With exhibition, marketing, media, corporate planning, international cooperation departments, Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd is specialized in organizing, carrying out international exhibitions and conferences.

Company Strength

Joined the exhibition industry, Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd is an enterprise recognized by China Association for Exhibition Center and is an exhibitor of World Expo 2010 Shanghai. It has long and close relationship with exhibition industry, extensive and stable client network, punctual and accurate data gathering, rich and mature market planning as well as a team of young but experienced staff. Since its foundation, it has successfully held several international exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong, etc. with help of related authorities.

Service Items

Services in Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd range from project pre-research, approval and enforcement, planning and implement of large meetings, forums and corporate annual meeting, undertaking pre proposal of nationally large project and post-services of all kinds, booth design and making, organizing enterprises to participate exhibitions abroad and helping them extend overseas markets, organizing overseas enterprises to take part in exhibitions in China and enhancing internationally economic and technologic cooperation, planning and coordinating cooperation between local and global exhibition corporations and introducing overseas advanced exhibition techniques, to sign design, graphic design, image design and advertisement producing.   

Company Advantages

Directed always by market requirements, Beijing Shibolian abides its promise and faces competition bravely and respects each investment of exhibitors to improve Chinese exhibition industry to be better and to create the highest economic and social efficiency for the nation.


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