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BIT's 1st Annual World Congress of Molecular & Cell Biology (CMCB2011)


Profile of the Trade Show / Conference ---- BIT's 1st Annual World Congress of Molecular & Cell Biology  (CMCB2011)

BIT’s 1st Annual World Congress of Molecular & Cell Biology (CMCB-2011) will be held in Beijing, China during August 6-8, 2011, 2011. CMCB-2011 is dedicated to the dissemination of advanced knowledge in all areas of cellular and molecular biology, certain aspects of biochemistry, biophysics and biotechnology. It is designed to provide a strong platform for professionals from both academic and industrial sections to make experience exchanges around the world.

Since Cell and molecular Biology have made tremendous strides over time, we aim to bring together biochemists, molecular biologists, cell and developmental biologists and other professionals who are active in the field of Molecular and Cell Biology to present their exciting new findings in major plenary sessions and in a wide array of more specialist forums. A rich selection of topics will be addressed in during the conference, which includes: Basic Research of Cell Biology; Basic Research of Molecular Biology; Functional Genomics & Genetics; Innovative Technologies for Molecular & Cell Biology; Chemical Biology; Molecular & Cell Biology in Biotech/Biopharmceutical Industry; Cell & Molecular Biology of Server Diseases; Microbial Molecular & Cell Biology; Plant Molecular & Cell Biology; Animal Molecular & Cell Biology etc. The program of CMCB is promised to be very informative, it will foster the collaborations among professionals in China and beyond.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of CMCB-2011, I would firstly welcome all new participants and old friends again for your passionate involvements to these annual events. Secondly, I appreciate so much to all our scientific advisors, session organizers, supporters and hardworking organizing committee members for their enormous efforts to bring this grand program together.

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Name: BIT Life Sciences
Address: 26 Gaoneng St. 1F, Dalian Hightech Zone Dalian, LN 116025, China
Tel: +86-411-8479 9609-827
Fax: +86-411-8479 6897
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BITeomics, Inc., founded in China in 2003, is a company established by Chinese scientists living abroad. It specializes in the integration of current Chinese social and technological resources with resources from overseas, providing frontier technologies and product services for human health and biological careers.

BIT Life Sciences is a subsidiary company of BITeomics, Inc. It is dedicated to creating a global life science intelligence exchange channel by simultaneously addressing professional needs for information and technology sharing and eliminating culture divergence in bio-industries.
BIT Life Sciences aims to be the world leader in intelligence exchange. BIT Life Sciences integrates intelligence resources through well-organized events, courses and talent searches. We establish collaborations and licensing by tech trade Affairs and Tech-Tour, and visualize milestone achievements through reports, publications and e-newsletters.    

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