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IOTE 2015 - The 7th China International Internet of Things Technologies & Application Exhibition 2015


IOTE 2015

The 7th China International Internet of Things Technologies & Application Exhibition 2015


Shenzhen U-Link Media Co., Ltd. will hold the 7th China International Internet of Things Technologies & Application Exhibition 2015 (IOTE 2015) at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (SZCEC) from August 20 to August 22, 2015. It will be an important showcasing and trading platform for the whole industry chain of IOT,RFID technologies,RFID tag/ reader/ middleware manufacturing & development, NFC, Short Range Communication, Wireless Sensor Network, and their application in Automation, Logistic, Anti-counterfeit, Asset Management, Fashion, Library, Smart Home, and etc.

"Internet of Things" is a number of technologies and research disciplines that enable the Internet to reach out into the real world of physical objects. Technologies like RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device), short-range wireless communications, real-time localization and sensor networks are now becoming increasingly common, bringing the Internet of Things into commercial use. They foreshadow an exciting future that closely interlinks the physical world and cyberspace - a development that is not only relevant to researchers, but to corporations and individuals alike.

rom "Smart Earth" to "Sensing China", the Internet of Things has become a globally eye-catching key word in recent years. It was ranked one of the two important tools for revitalizing the economy by the US, defined as the basic strategy to make the Europe the leader of the world by EU and introduced as a part of the strategical plan of emerging industries by China.
In such a field of Internet of Things that is of strategically significance, China has by now ranked ahead of the world. No matter in terms of policies, technologies or the industrial chain, China's development of the Internet of Things is provided with an outstanding advantage and has hard-won development opportunities.


Why your company should attend 2015 IOTE ?

1)The First RFID/IOT- Focused Show Ever. IOTE is the first and only expo focusing on RFID, Sensors Networks, Smart Identification and applications of the Internet of Things.

2)Showcasing the Complete Industry Chain. 2014 IOTE will exhibit RFID chips, inlay, tag, RFID antenna, RFID convert machinery, various RFID readers, middleware, wireless communication technologies, wireless sensing networks, software, integration service and success cases in various fields.

3) Well Known for the Number and Quality of Exhibitors and Attendees. The expo has been receiving the great attention from and beyond RFID industry. It attracted more than 160 domestic or international RFID/IOT vendors exhibited their products and solution, and 8000 VIP visitors or purchasers last year. This year, 2011 IOTE will feature over 250 exhibitors and an estimated 15000-plus of attendees.

4)Supported by Authoritative RFID/IOT Organizations and Alliances.The expo is supported by many authoritative RFID organizations and alliances, such as China Internet of Things Alliance, Internet of Things Alliance of the Chinese Nation, Wuxi Internet of Things Alliance, Zhong guan cun Internet of Things Alliance, GD-HK RFID Alliance, Guangdong RFID Technology Service Center,GS1 Hong Kong, EPC Global Hong Kong, RFID Alliance of Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and etc.

5)Widespread Publicity and Promotional Events. The Expo is gaining the support of nearly 150 professional media home and abroad together with RFID industry associations, trade promotion bureaus and commercial departments. With network advantage and abundant resources, we will organize plenty of professional buyers and visitors to come and purchase. Our media includes RFID Journal, RFID World China and others authoritative website and magazine, from various industries in which RFID and other IOT technologies will be applied. Check the list of our media partners.

6)Effectiveness: Through inviting high-quality purchasers, the expo will build a trade platform between global RFID supplies and buyers. The majority of its visitors will evaluate and choose the products displayed at this expo and apply the selected products for their new projects.

What are we exhibiting  

RFID Products
1. RFID Chip (Compliant with LF, ISO15693, ISO14443, ISO18000 and EPC standards)
2. RFID label antenna (made of aluminum, sliver, copper, and etc), productive machine of RFID label antenna
3. RFID standard cards or RFID labels
4. Special RFID tags (with special form, or applied in extremely environments, such high temperature, high pressure, metallic and chemical environment)
5. Manufacturing machine of RFID card or labels (such as RFID label converter, card converter, detecting machine), battery, conductive sliver paste, microwave absorbing materials, permeability magnetic material and R RFID testing and measuring devices
6. RFID reader chips (UHF, HF, LF, compliant with ISO standards or protocols)
7. RFID reader module (UHF, HF, LF, compliant with ISO standards or protocols)
8. RFID reader (UHF, HF, LF, compliant with ISO standards or protocols)
9. RFID reader antenna (UHF, HF, LF)
10. RFID handheld Reader, PDA, Forklift-mountable RFID reader
11. Active RFID products and systems (433MHz, 900MHz, 2.45GHz, 5.8GHz active tag, reader, antenna and system)
12. RFID middleware
13. NFC technologies and products

Smart Card Products

Chip Manufacturing
Design, research and manufacturing of IC card chips; wafer chips manufacturing technologies and raw material.

Smart Card Manufacturing
Contact and contactless IC cards and combined IC cards, CPU cards, memory cards, unusual cards, IC cards and module manufacturing; protruding printing, lamination and mold pressing of IC cards; customized image identification of IC cards; IC module converters.

Manufacturing material of cards
PVC cards, plastic cards, PET cards, reprintable memory cards, inks, films, and etc. 


Smart card reader 
Magnetic card compliant with PBOC 2.0, ATM and credit for load, IC card cash register, secure access control of computer and internet, IC card detection technologies and devices; access control and IC cards, IC card security testing devices, all kinds of external card readers, and POS terminals.

System Integration
Various types of IC card systems, especially for all-in-one card (all-purpose card) system.


Other Intelligent Identification product and system
Bar Code System includes bar code label, printer, scanner, software.

Biometric Identification, such as fingerprint identification, intelligent face recognition, iris identification, palm print identification.

Safety Monitor and Control System


Sensing Network
Various of low-power, high-performance physical sensors, chemistry sensors, biometric sensors, sensor network nodes, RTLS, GPS and GIS.


Core Control Chip and Embedded Chip
Control chip in IOT applications, includes MCU, DSP, ADC, GUI, MEMS, protocol chips, power chips, interface control chips and all-in-one chips.


Telecommunication Technologies and Products
WLAN, UWB, Zigbee, NFC, MESH, Wimax, WIFI, short range communication, access gateway, and etc.


Network Configuration and Date Process
Includes SOA, information security, very large data storage and processing,IOT IP devices, middleware and system integration.

IOT example applications in manufacturing, security, transportation, Environmental Protection,Smart Home, Healthcare, Electricity, Logistics, Agriculture, Water Conservancy, Aviation, Library, Mining, and etc.
1. IOT solutions and application in hydrogeology, geology and environmental monitoring. 
2. IOT solutions and applications in smart home and smart appliance.
3. IOT solutions and applications in smart grid.
4. IOT solutions and applications in logistics, supply chain, inventory management
5. IOT solutions and applications in work-in-process manufacturing, trace and track, schedule monitoring, quality assurance.
6. IOT solutions and applications in monitoring and tracking expensive commodities & dangerous items, and anti-counterfeiting
7. IOT tickets applications in meetings, concerts and resorts 
8. IOT solutions and applications in parking and toll payment, vehicle tracking
9. IOT solutions and applications in personnel tracking and locating
10. IOT solutions and applications in animal identification, food security
11. IOT solutions and applications in IT assets' tracking and locating
12. IOT solutions and applications in library management
13. IOT garment solutions and applications
14. IOT military solutions and applications
15. IOT retail solutions and applications
16. IOT social security solutions and applications
17. IOT smart home solutions and applications


Name: Shenzhen U-Link Media Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 706,Shanghai Auto Building,Nan hai Road 4050,High-tech Park,Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Tel: +86-755-8622 7155
Fax: +86-755-8622 7110

About U-Link Media

U-Link Media is a leading comprehensive media for RFID industry in China.
We believe RFID technology would revolutionize the way companies around the world do business; we will ultimately live in the world of internet of things. With this belief, we commit to provide the industry a comprehensive platform for knowledge sharing and communication, as well as promoting RFID products and solutions. We also enable companies in other industries to easily understand how RFID can boost their business, help them align technology with business objectives.

U-Link Media is originated by the launch of RFID World China (, which now become the most authoritative and popular RFID website in China, having a great impact on China's RFID development. Our mission is to build an international RFID media network to speeding up the widespread of RFID adoptions and consumer RFID education 

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