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The 14th Shanghai Overseas Property & Investment Immigration Show 2015


The 14th Shanghai

Overseas Property & Investment Immigration Show 2015

As the best platform for overseas exhibitors to explore the Chinese market, The 14th Shanghai Overseas Property & Investment Immigration Show 2015 will be staged on Oct.3-6, 2015 at Shanghai Exhibition Center. The organizer is VNU Exhibitions Asia.

During The14th Shanghai Overseas Property & Investment Immigration Show, an international marketing campaign will capitalize on one of the world's largest B2C and B2B Real Estate databases, which will ensure participation from international Real Estate investors, financiers, developers across all asset classes, urban planners, architects, consultants as well as representatives from service agents and related institutions.

* Discover the latest opportunities available in the global Real Estate market, what is new and what is on track for delivery.
* Gain industry insight and share knowledge in person or online through interactive program.
* Find out what is still offering the best returns for your investment.
* Link with a cross-section of Real Estate professionals and service providers


Banks, Financial Institutions, Investment Companies, Fund Management Companies, Private Investors, Pension Funds, REITs, Venture Capitalists, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Investors, Asset Management Companies, Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Cities & Regional Authorities    
Investment Promotion Agencies, Economic Development Authorities, City Promotion Agencies and Authorities, Location marketing agencies, Regional Development and Investment Zones, Inward Investment Organizations.

Service Providers
Architects, Designers, Urban Planners, Real Estate Owners, Consultants, Engineering Consultants, Contractors, Project Management Companies, Construction Companies, Property Advisors, Real Estate Solution Providers, Real Estate Development Consultants, Corporate End Users, Retailers.


Private Investors
Private Business Owners
50% own their own business which accounts for 70% of their total as sets. They own on average personal residential property worth of 4.6million RMB and cars worth 200,000RMB.

Real Estate Investors
15% invest mainly in real estate and own multiple properties which account for 50%of their total assets. They also own personal residential property worth more than RMB 4 million and cars worth RMB 700,000.
Professional Stock Market Investors

People whose main source of revenueis the main source of income comes from stock market investments account for 30% of visitors. Their residential property is worth 4.5 million RMB and they also own investment property worth 2 million RMB and cars worth 1 million RMB.

High-salary Executives
High salary executives include senior executives and major enterprise groups and multinational companies. Their high annual salaries, bonuses and other benefits guarantee a stable and large income. They account for 205 of the visitors and their personal residential property is worth at least 5.5
million RMB. They own investment property worth 3 million RMB and cars worth half a million.

Cities & Regional Authorities
Investment Promotion Agencies / Economic Development Authorities / City Promotion Agencies and Authorities / Location marketing agencies / Regional Development and Investment Zones / Inward Investment Organizations

Institutional Investors
Banks / Financial Institutions / Investment Companies / Fund Management Companies / Private Investors / Pension Funds / REITs / Venture Capitalists / Insurance Companies / Hedge Funds / Private Equity Investors / Asset Management Companies / Sovereign Wealth Funds

End Users & Occupiers
Corporate End Users / Retailers / Hotel Operators/ Airline Companies 

Service Providers
Real Estate Owners / Consultants / Engineering Consultants / Contractors / Project Management Companies / Construction Companies / Property Advisors / Real Estate Solution Providers / Real Estate Development Consultants


Name: VNU Exhibitions Asia
Address: 2F, Business Mansion, Shanghai Exhibition Center No. 1333 Nanjing Road (W), Shanghai 200040, , P.R.C
Tel: +86-21-6195 6088
Fax: +86-21-6195 6099
Official Website: Click to Visit

VNU Exhibitions Asia – professional and leading shows
Back in 1993 Shanghai based Keylong Exhibitions started developing and organizing successful trade and consumer shows. By 1998 VNU Exhibitions Europe, the Netherlands' leading Exhibition organizer joined Keylong Exhibitions and jointly started to rapidly expand the company's portfolio of shows and conferences. 
World leading brands organized in Shanghai
Over the last ten years VNU Exhibitions Asia has launched and established global leading brands in Shanghai. Domotex Asia / Chinafloor is one of the examples and has become the leading show in floor covering in Asia and second largest show for its industry in the world.
Outbound activities
Next to organizing trade shows, consumer events and high level conferences, VNU Exhibitions Asia has become a professional partner for trade shows organized outside of mainland China. Bringing hundreds of Chinese based companies all over the world; companies that are eager to showcase their products and services at international platforms. 

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